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The Best Skid Steer Backhoe: Review and Buying Guide in 2023

best skid steer backhoe

In the world of compact construction equipment, skid steer backhoe attachments are essential tools that provide added versatility and functionality to your skid steer loader. These powerful attachments are designed for digging, trenching, and various excavation tasks.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll introduce you to the best skid steer backhoe attachments available in 2023 including the outstanding CID X-treme Skid Steer Stiff Arm Backhoe.

Whether you’re a landscaper, a contractor, or someone passionate about construction, these attachments can significantly enhance your work capabilities.

The Best Skid Steer Backhoe Attachments: Our Top Picks in 2023

Let’s delve into our top picks for the best skid steer backhoe attachments, each offering unique features to meet your specific needs. These attachments are renowned for their versatility, strength, ease of use, and durability.

Best Overall: CID X-treme Skid Steer Stiff Arm Backhoe Attachment

  • Adaptable Grapple Functionality: One of the notable advantages of this backhoe attachment is its adaptability to grapple with tasks. By adding an optional thumb attachment, you can transform it into a powerful grapple. This means you can effortlessly handle logs, large chunks of cement, and any obstacles that may impede your digging, further enhancing its value and versatility.
  • Varied Bucket Sizes: The CID X-treme Skid Steer Stiff Arm Backhoe Attachment offers flexibility through a range of bucket sizes, including 8″, 12″, 16″, 20″, and 24. These options allow operators to tailor the attachment to specific tasks, ensuring precision and efficiency in every application.
  • Built to Last: Durability is a top priority with the CID X-treme Skid Steer Stiff Arm Backhoe Attachment. It comes powder-coated for added protection against wear and tear, making it ready to withstand the harshest working conditions. The hoses are equipped with protective sleeves, extending their lifespan and ensuring consistent performance.
  • Warranty for Peace of Mind: To provide peace of mind to its users, CID offers a 12-month warranty on all attachments. This commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that you are investing in a reliable and long-lasting tool.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 1075 lbs
  • Digging Depth: 84″
  • Overall Reach: 79″
  • Breakout Force: 14,000 lbs
  • Bucket Rotation: 110°

Why We Picked This as the Winner:

The CID X-treme Skid Steer Stiff Arm Backhoe Attachment proves itself as a versatile and rugged implement, ideally suited for a broad spectrum of tasks. Its protective features not only ensure long-lasting durability but also enhance its reliability in various applications.

The Undisputed Features of the CID X-treme:

  • Powerful Digging: One of the standout features of this attachment is its incredible digging depth of 7 feet. This depth allows it to excel in tasks like digging ditches, removing stubborn stumps, and excavating footings for construction projects. With 14,000 lbs. of ripping force at its disposal, it’s truly an aggressive digging machine, ready to take on the toughest soil and terrain.
  • Multi-Purpose Tool: The X-treme Skid Steer Stiff Arm Backhoe Attachment is a multi-purpose tool that can handle various jobs, from excavation to landscaping, nursery work, septic system installation, and even power and water line placement. This adaptability makes it an indispensable asset for contractors, landscapers, and construction professionals.

So, when you’re in need of a powerful, multi-purpose tool, the CID X-treme Skid Steer Stiff Arm Backhoe Attachment is the clear choice for getting the job done efficiently and effectively.

Best for Heavy Workloads: Eterra E70-H Skid Steer Backhoe Attachment

  • Outstanding Versatility: Eterra’s E70-H Skid Steer Backhoe Attachment is the epitome of versatility. With a fixed 7 ft boom and an ECS quick-change coupler, it’s ready for a variety of digging tasks.
  • Impressive Lifting Power: Boasting a lift capacity of 1000 lbs and a breakout force of 14,000 lbs, this attachment can efficiently handle heavy workloads and offer a wide range of adjustability.
  • Ease of Use: Equipped with hydraulic hoses and flat-face couplers for quick connection to your skid steer, the E70-H ensures easy operation with a 2-bolt wedge clamp system for attachment.
  • Durable Construction: Constructed from A572 Grade 50 steel and featuring a reinforced 4″ x 4″ square boom, this backhoe attachment is built to last. It also includes a cylinder relief port for added safety.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 600 lbs
  • Digging Depth: 84″
  • Overall Reach: 90″
  • Breakout Force: 14,000 lbs
  • Bucket Rotation: 90°

Why We Picked It:

The Eterra E70-H takes the lead as the best skid steer backhoe, thanks to its remarkable combination of adaptability, robustness, and user-friendly features. Its enduring construction guarantees readiness for even the most demanding tasks, all while maintaining a seamless and user-friendly operation.

Best for Ease of Use: Blue Diamond Backhoe Attachment

  • Powerful Trench Digging: This backhoe attachment is a powerful unit with the industry’s largest cylinder and the largest bucket capacity. It excels in trench digging, offering exceptional bucket rotation and breakout force.
  • Variety of Bucket Sizes: With bucket options ranging from 9″ to 24″ in width, you can adapt this attachment to suit various excavation tasks.
  • Built for Durability: Featuring replaceable side pin #230 cast teeth and grease fittings on pivot points, this attachment is built for longevity.
  • Easy to Use: The Blue Diamond Backhoe Attachment can be quickly attached and detached without specific machine requirements. It’s straightforward to operate and requires no electrical hookups.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 550 lbs
  • Digging Depth: 72″
  • Overall Reach: 96″
  • Breakout Force: 10,000 lbs
  • Bucket Rotation: 90°

Why We Picked It:

The Blue Diamond Backhoe Attachment is a powerful and versatile tool that can handle a wide range of trenching tasks with ease, making it one of the best skid steer backhoe attachments.

Best for Smart Features: Cat BH130 Smart Backhoe

  • Versatile Utility: The Cat BH130 Smart Backhoe is a versatile attachment for digging footings, drainage ditches, utility trenching, and more. It’s also suitable for handling brush and bulky objects, as well as drilling holes.
  • Enhanced Productivity: In-cab operation reduces repositioning time and increases cycle times. Its compact design enables maneuverability in confined spaces, enhancing productivity.
  • User Comfort: Operators can perform various functions without leaving the cab, thanks to the operator-centric design. The comfortable cab provides cover from extreme weather conditions.
  • Smart Features: With a dedicated display for settings and activation, the BH130 offers ease of operation. It also provides options for changing control patterns.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 2326 lbs
  • Digging Depth: 117″
  • Overall Reach: 147″
  • Breakout Force: 7,013 lbs
  • Bucket Rotation: 183°

Why We Picked It:

The Cat BH130 Smart Backhoe stands out as the best skid steer backhoe due to its exceptional blend of versatility and intelligent capabilities, making it the ultimate choice for a wide range of construction and excavation tasks. This state-of-the-art machine not only enhances operator comfort but also greatly enhances operational efficiency.

Choosing the Best Skid Steer Backhoe: Factors to Consider

When it comes to selecting the best skid steer backhoe attachment, there are several crucial factors to consider. These considerations will help ensure that you make an informed decision and invest in an attachment that perfectly suits your needs and preferences.

  • Digging Depth and Reach: Ensure the attachment’s specifications align with your excavation needs. Eterra’s E70 offers an 84″ digging depth.
  • Bucket Size and Capacity: Select a bucket size that matches your project requirements. CID X-treme’s attachment provides a range from 8″ to 24″ bucket width.
  • Ease of Attachment: Look for quick attachment systems like Eterra’s ECS coupler for easy and efficient attachment.
  • Operating Controls and Convenience: Evaluate control mechanisms; in-cab controls, as offered by Cat BH130, can enhance operator comfort and efficiency.
  • Versatility and Additional Features: Explore attachments with extra features like grapple options, hydraulic side-shift, or thumb attachments, like the CID X-treme backhoe.
  • Durability and Build Quality: Choose attachments made from high-quality materials like A572 Grade 50 steel, as seen in Eterra and Blue Diamond options. Additionally, the CID X-treme Skid Steer Stiff Arm Backhoe boasts a powder-coated finish and is equipped with hoses that have protective sleeves, enhancing its overall durability.

FAQs on Best Skid Steer Backhoe Attachments

Can I use a skid steer backhoe on different types of terrain?

Yes, skid steer backhoe attachments can operate on various terrains, provided the loader itself can handle it.

Are there safety considerations when using a skid steer backhoe attachment?

Skid steer safety is crucial; and it is essential for operators to undergo training, wear appropriate safety attire, and adhere to safety protocols in order to mitigate the risk of skid steer hazards and accidents.

Where can I buy the best skid steer backhoe attachments?

There are various sources available to purchase skid steer backhoe attachments. Local dealerships specializing in construction equipment, online marketplaces, manufacturer websites, construction equipment auctions, local classifieds, and equipment rental centers, as well as specialized equipment retailers, all offer options.

Additionally, you can consult industry experts like “The Red Barn Guy” for guidance and recommendations on the best skid steer backhoe attachments.

Wrapping Up: The Clear Winner for the Best Skid Steer Backhoe

When it comes to enhancing the versatility and productivity of your skid steer loader, the choice of a backhoe attachment is paramount. In 2023, the CID X-treme Skid Steer Backhoe Attachment claims the top spot with its exceptional versatility and rugged construction, making it our top pick.

Following closely behind, the Eterra E70-H garners recognition as a runner-up, thanks to its impressive lifting power.

Additionally, the Blue Diamond attachment earns its runner-up status for its user-friendly design and exceptional trench-digging capabilities, while the Cat BH130 stands out with its intelligent features that enhance operator comfort and productivity.

Ultimately, the best skid steer backhoe attachment for you will depend on your specific needs and project requirements.

Whether you value strength, agility, affordability, longevity, or a blend of these elements, the range of options provided here offers choices that have the potential to enhance your productivity on the job.

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