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Fork & Frame

Style Of Pallet Fork & Frames

Pallet fork frames are built with different features or accessibility that should be considered before buying one.

Walk Through Fork & Frame

One of the common styles is the Walk-Through pallet fork & frame. This style has a large opening in the back to allow the driver to enter the skid steer quickly. Instead of climbing around or over the fork back frame, simply walk through it. Job safety is well thought out on this very popular set of forks, providing a much safer way to enter and exit your machine.

Light Duty Frames

Others also prefer the Low-Profile or Light Duty pallet fork frames to increase forward visibility while using the skid steer.

Heavy Duty Frames

Your Heavy Duty fork & frame is rated up to 4k lbs, compared to 2k lbs on the light duty.

Frames With Steps

Others are built with Steps that are usually mounted on each side of the pallet fork frame, which helps the driver quickly get in or out the skid steer.


Whichever fork & frame set you decide to get, you are guaranteed to get the most bang for your buck!

Make sure you’re getting the right set to handle your most common jobs safely, and you’ll get many years of service out of this multi-purpose skid steer attachment.

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