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How to convert your Skid Steer to a Universal Quick Attach

We receive many questions from customers frustrated that most, if not all, new attachments come with a skid steer universal mounting plates already welded to the bucket, or other attachment they need. In most instances for them to get the same attachment they must wait for a new attachment to be fabricated and pay an up charge for the correct non-universal mounting plate they need to fit their older style skid steer. It becomes time consuming for them. Here’s how you solve this:

Why not change your old skid steer over to a universal quick attach machine? This is something that can easily be done and gives your skid steer new life, allowing it to fit most any new attachment. So your next question probably is, so how can this be done?

Here is how it works, with a Universal Skid Steer Quick Attach plate, you can easily convert your existing attachment to the universal skid steer hookup. Here is How To: Just simply weld or bolt the quick attach plate to the implement you wish to convert.

If you do not want a permanent change over, you will need to find the correct host machine mounting plate that would go on the back of a bucket or other attachment. Then take that mounting plate and weld it to the Adapter to Create Universal Mounting Plate. Very important, make sure before welding the two plates together that the height is correct for the machine it will be used with. The only downside to this is the extra weight added. Otherwise this setup will allow you to use your old non-universal attachments and new universal attachments.

Please see the attachment plates we have on our site.  If you should have any questions about this option please feel free to call us at 864-252-7174.

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