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Mini Excavator Brush Mower

Excavator Brush Mower

If you’ve been searching for a brush mower designed to go the distance, Rut Manufacturing’s Excavator Brush Mower Cutter attachment is what you’ve been waiting for. Our Brush Mower is the perfect excavator attachment to help maintain ponds, ditches, hillsides, and other hard-to-reach areas. In addition to its diverse capabilities, this mower can cut up to 2″ diameter material. Dense shrubs, growth, and bushes are no match for our Excavator Brush Mower. Whether you’re mowing briars, small brush, or grass, Rut’s brush mower excavator can handle the job efficiently, saving you time and money.

Best used for 5,000lb – 14,000lb 11-25gpm excavators.

With this mower you can round tight corners, narrow pathways, and other rugged landscapes with ease. Plus, because our brush mower can cut up to 2″ diameter material, you can remove dense brush in half the time. We design our attachments with two things in mind – longevity, and efficiency. These are made in Denton NC, the excavator brush mower and most all our all our attachments are made just hours from our location. By crafting our products locally, we can guarantee their effectiveness and durability.

In addition to its AR400 blades, they are constructed our excavator mowers with a 3/16″ thick deck and a direct drive for additional protection and efficiency.

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