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Skid Steer Attachments every Landscaping Business Needs

Landscape rake, brush cutter, and snow removal tools – we all know well what our skid steers can do thanks to them. However, several attachments have unique qualities when it comes to landscaping. Let us introduce a few that may turn out to be game-changers for your landscape business.


This landscape attachment is used for cutting narrow trenches in the ground for multiple purposes, like installing buried cables or irrigation systems. The excavated material is left next to the trench so you can back-fill the hole right away after you place what you need to in it.

Trenches have chains made of various materials and their use depends on the type of terrain. You can also create trenches in various sizes tailored to your needs.

Tip: It is important to choose a durable attachment as trenchers often encounter many obstacles in the soil. While deciding, check for sealed bearings, motors, hardened teeth, and the depth indicator.

The Rock and Brush Grapple

This specific type of skid steer attachment has two grapples that can independently grab the material. The tines are distributed evenly leaving small gaps between them for looser material or dirt to fall through. At the same time, the larger objects are held in place.

Tip: Choose a rock and brush grapple with side plates that you can remove when handling oddly shaped material or re-attach when you move large trees or rocks. It will help stabilize loads.


If you need to dig into hard ground and break it up for further planting, the tiller skid steer attachment is exactly what you need! You can choose between front-line tillers and rear-tine tillers. The former work well with hard ground and the latter are destined for more solid, rocky terrain.

Tip: Make sure that your tillers are of the proper width. Their advisable width is at least the overall width of your skid steer. Be careful because not all of the attachments are destined for work next to buildings. Choose a machine that operates in forward as well as reverse to speed up your work.

4-in-1 Bucket Attachment

It is probably the most recognizable and at the same time versatile attachment for skid steers. There are at least four functions you can perform with it.

It is a perfect tool for digging, or in other words, picking up soil, debris, or brush and transporting it to another location. You do not necessarily have to move your skid loader to move the material.

Dozing is another function that 4-in-1 buckets can perform. How to achieve that? Simply lift the front of the bucket and push the material forward!

When your bucket is open you can also grab heavy objects (trees, rocks, branches) with it. Just place the object in the gap between the front of the bucket and its back and clamp it. Now you can move it out of your way.

Finally, the ability to open the bucket makes it so much easier to just dump material. Or, if you want, you can simply open the bucket slightly and slowly spread the material.

Tip: No tip! Just enjoy all the functions this amazing attachment offers!

Pallet Forks

Pallet forks are another tool of many landscaping uses. Hauling large objects (not only pallets) faster around the job site will get your job done in no time.

Power Rake

This tool helps to even out the ground and prepare it for further work. As a result, you will get a neat and even seedbed ready for the cultivation of plants. Power rakes are also a great tool for building site preparation.

Tip: Make sure that the working width is wider than the skid loader (you’ll want to cover the tracks of the machine).

Tree Puller

As the name indicates, a tree puller is a lifesaver when you need to pull trees up cleanly and quickly. But you can also pull any standing object, such as steel posts, for example when you do fencing. And all this with no significant damage to the post!

Tip: Avoid pulling wooden posts if you want to reuse them as they will get damaged.

Box Blades

Grading and leveling are easily done with box blades. This attachment can have laser and GPS grading systems that enable it to work manually as well as automatically, creating a smart box blade.

Thanks to the teeth placed at the front of the box you can break up hard ground and then smooth it with the blade right away.

Which is your favorite attachment? Or maybe you already have them all? Check out our site to find the best versions of the landscape attachments you are missing!

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