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Skid Steer Stump Grinder

Skid Steer Stump Grinder with swing cylinder- S24

The S24 skid steer stump grinder features a specially designed 12V diverter valve to allow control of the hydraulic swing cylinder, for a more refined cutting pass. Combined with our flow control this remote will give you precise control of the cutting pass and allow you to grind more of the stump without repositioning. Cutting depth is up to 15″ below ground with a swing radius of 80 degrees. The floating deflector safely directs the flow of debris for quick clean up. The S24 is a good choice for skid steer stump grinding on close cut grass such as golf courses as well as for stump grinder rental on medium sized skid steers and track loaders. The massive ¾” thick steel rotor provides the back bone for the Stump Grinder cutting system. The carbide tipped teeth are incredibly hard material ensures reliable cutting performance. The high number of teeth means that each tooth needs to do less work. Each of the Stump Grinders teeth only need to make a small cut, because the work is shared by more of our rugged teeth they last longer and usually only require 2 or 3 replacements at a time.

The bolt-on designed teeth allow for straightforward replacement. The Stump Grinder’s carbide teeth extend a full 1-¼ inches from the rotor. This prevents chips and mulch from getting plugged. More chip clearing produces smoother operation and reduces heat build-up that can damage the rotor and cause premature tooth failure. Fine tune the performance of your Stump Grinder easily with the Flow Control knob. The Flow Control allows you to adjust the cutting pass speed, to match the size and performance of your tractor. A S24 with a motor of S445 having a PSI of 2500 can cut a stump of 24 inches in 60 mins at 15 GPM, whereas the same motor parameter and increased PSI of 3000 can cut a stump of 24 inches in 50 mins at 15 GPM and with a PSI of 3500, the time taken will be 50 mins at 15 GPM. If the GPM is increased to 20, the time taken will be reduced.

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