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If you’re working with soil, you will want to make sure you have a tiller attachment handy. It tills soil, breaking through rocks and dense clumps to soften it. You can also use this attachment to mix compost or other types of additives to soil. Although not every operation might benefit from a tiller, it is extremely useful for groundwork specifically.

X-treme Skid Steer Rotary Tiller

The x-treme skid steer rotary tiller is a perfect attachment for tilling gardens and small fields. It’s also great for deer hunters to use to make food plots with ease. These tillers have a bi-directional rotation and can till ground up to 6”deep. CID manufactures two configurations of skid steer rotary tillers.

A low flow single parker motor x-treme rotary tiller that runs between 14 -20 GPM. And a high flow x-treme rotary tiller with a dual parker motor system that runs 20-40 GPM. CID has designed it to include bolt on replaceable tines so you can get many hours of use out of your tiller.

Mid State Rotary Tiller

Our rotary tiller is a perfect attachment for tilling gardens and small fields. Hunters can make quick work of food plots, firing lanes. Our Tiller is 72″ wide, with 4″ cut depth, and bi-directional tiller rotation for different types of soil. Features a direct drive motor with spline gear. Compatible with all low flow machines 11-20gpm. Standard Universal quick attach.
Dimensions: 26″ Deep – 24″ Tall – 72″ Cut width – 81″ Width w/Motor – 580lbs

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