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As the name would suggest, trencher attachments are suited for digging trenches — which is not an easy feat. It can take multiple people and many hours of hard physical labor to dig a trench, but this attachment makes it easy. Plus, it can rip through tough, rocky soil much more effectively than any human could. Trencher sizes vary anywhere from 30 to 60 inches. Choose your attachment based on the desired depth and width of your trench. Generally, a 42-inch trencher will dig an appropriately-sized trench for things like utility lines, drain pipes and irrigation systems.

These trenchers are the most user friendly on the market; allowing the crumber bar to start in the trench and eliminating the need for the operator to get out of the machine to reset the crumber bar (patent pending). Our unique design foot can be seen from the cab to allow the operator to see when the trencher is in the correct trenching position. A complete trenching solution for a cleaner trench helping you increase your effieciency and productivity.


Headstart Crumber System (patent pending)
Adjustable Skid Foot to maintain constant digging depth
Skid Foot is visible from the cab
Frame can be side shifted for digging close to permanent structures
3 different Chain options, Earth, Combo, and Diggatac
Industry Leading Warranty

Finding the right attachments can be a hassle, with so many types available. Luckily, The Red Barn Guy can reduce that headache. We offer everything you need, from the basic root grapple, to our severe brush cutters or disc mulchers. The Red Barn Guy has you covered. Contact us today!

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